Skinner Skips

Terms & Conditions

Payment Terms & Methods

Payments can be made directly into our bank: HSBC Bank -Sort Code 40-25-33 –Account number 21815059 and quoting your invoice number. We also accept payment by debit or credit card; however we will need to charge a fee of 2.5% for card payments above £200.00 to cover the 2.5320% card cost charges, which are deducted from our account by our bank. All cheque payments are to be made payable to Skinner Skips Limited.

All prices will be subject to GST (currently 5%). Payment is strictly within 30-days of invoice date. No discounts will be claimable or given on overdue invoices/accounts. 5% per month overdue interest charges may be added to all monthly invoices not paid within 30-days of invoice date to cover our bank interest charges. If in the event we do not receive payment in full for any invoice, we reserve the right to forward/transfer such debt onto our chosen debt collection agency, where in addition to our terms of 5% per month overdue being added to each outstanding balance you will also be charged a £50.00 administration fee per invoice claim.


Skip/Lorry/Hiab/Hook Box Hire & General Deliveries– It must be clearly understood that it is the responsibility of the Hirer/Main Contractor to ensure that our driver/operator/vehicle whilst on their site are directed to their site safety procedures to ensure the health & safety of our staff and other site users/personnel . You must ensure that the area where you wish the hired skip/hook box to be placed has sufficient safe working area around, the area is clear of of equipment/tools and the ground is suitable/safe for the weight and/or use of the HGV vehicles stabilising legs. We will not be held responsible for any damage to site equipment, tools, property, machinery or vehicles whilst under the supervision of the main contractor/customer. N.B. If our driver is directed/asked to undertake a task/job outside of our company duties towards assisting the Hirer or Main Contractor in their duties, any damages or injuries sustained by any accident by our employee will need to be covered under the Main Contractors insurances i.e. public liability up to £10 million. The period of hire of vehicles or equipment commences from the time/date that the vehicle/plant/skip leaves the Owners premises, hire will terminate when vehicle returns to our depot or when the skip bin/hook box returns in good clean condition. The Hirer is responsible for any damage or loss of skip bin/hook box whilst in their possession. Skinner Skips Limited will not be responsible for any losses incurred by the Hirer through the breakdown or other contingency, and will not be liable for any damage to property/walls/manholes and driveways in anyway whatsoever, as many sites/properties are restrictive or not suitable to heavy vehicles. The Hirer is fully responsible when hiring skip bin/hook box for ensuring that the such container is not a danger to any other road user, for lighting of the skip/hook box at night and also for gaining the consent from authorities of the Parish concerned to park the skip/hook box containers on Public Roads etc.

Please do not overfill skip bins. Skip bins are only to be filled to the level of the top of the skip bin. Overloaded skip bins may not be collected at the driver/operator’s discretion until some waste is removed.

Please do not move skip bins by hand or by any other means that has been delivered by our driver, as such may not be able to be collected safely by the collection driver. If any skip bin is moved on site from its delivery location, then we will not be liable for any damage caused in our attempts to collect the skip bin.

If you chose to crane lift any skip bin, we will not be held responsible for any damage caused and/or any injury to any person(s) for any equipment failure. If you do choose to use your hired skip bin for crane lifting, it is the customers responsibility to engage/employ a certified professional to test and obtain lifting certification for any such skip bin at your own expenses.

We will not accept liability for any injury to any person standing within the working circumference of any machinery and/or near to any vehicle whilst the driver/operator is in process of his work.

Skip bin/hook box hire charges are as our advertised tariffs, but we reserve the right to change the rate at any given time.

Length of the skip bin time: The first 14 days hire is inclusive of delivery and collection charges, however containers remaining on site for an excess of 14 days may be chargeable to the hirer at £1.00 per day for skip bins and £10.00 per day for hook boxes unless otherwise agreed.

Caution – We will not accept liability for injury to the Public or Main Contractor personnel if personnel stand in front of doors when operating the access or trap doors. Please do not stand near skip bin, hook box or lorry whilst our driver is in process of his work. We will not accept liability to personnel whilst the Hirer is using the skip bin/hook box. Many skip bins/hook boxes are moved on building sites by other machinery, which may cause jagged/sharp edges.

Recycled Aggregates

We can deliver recycled aggregates from our chosen recycler. Recycled products are recycled from many sources and whilst every effort is made to identify the origin source of the raw material we cannot guarantee that there may not be small traces of contaminants and cannot accept any liability arising from such.

Weighbridges may not be present at some facilities, therefore all volumes/measurements and/or weights will be approximate.

Designation of Inert Waste & Mixed Wastes Presented for Recycling

On arrival at our chosen Recycling Facility your load presented for recycling or segregation and will be fully inspected by their operations personnel. After inspection their operations personnel will designate the inert waste recyclability percentage/charge and/or mixed waste segregation charge for your load and complete a Waste Consignment Note accordingly, where we as your waste representative will be asked to sign such consignment note in agreement of such designation and/or price. N.B. The recyclability percentage and/or segregation charge of any load can only be designated by their operations personnel and customer designations cannot accepted.

Weighbridges may not be present at some facilities, therefore all volumes/measurements and/or weights will be approximate.


Please visit DFI website for advice of asbestos waste presentation for disposal. AIB asbestos waste must all be double bagged, fastened/secured & presented correctly in covered skip bins secured with padlocks. Non-licensed asbestos must also be double bagged, fastened/secured and can be presented in open skip bins. Asbestos waste is only accepted by DFI every other Wednesday at La Collette. You must submit your hazardous waste consignment note/form and DFI booking form to our office no later than 10 days prior to next asbestos disposal date, so that we can notify/book your waste in to be received by DFI.

Asbestos &/or Contaminated Waste Storage/Hire Charges

Asbestos loads contained in skip bins or hook boxes are to be stored on your site until disposal tip date. If your site is restrictive, subject to availability we can offer a minimal number of wait and loads on each tip day. Wait and load will be charged at £15.00 per 15 minutes waiting time (minimum charge 15 mins). Contaminated loads contained in skip bins are also to be stored on your site until your arranged tip date with DFI. In exceptional cases, by arrangement only, through our chosen recycler we are able to offer storage of asbestos or contaminated within skip bins/hook boxes, where a storage charge of £15.00 per skip per day will be charged. Further delivery/collection movement charges will be levied to collect the skip bin/hook box from your site to bring such to our facility and also a further movement charge to transport the skip bin/hook box to La Collette on the designated tip day. Similarly, any skip bin/hook box containing contaminated waste allowed to be stored by DFI at La Collette will incur a hire charge of £15.00 per day.

We are not responsible for incorrectly presented loads, incorrectly completed hazardous waste consignment note/forms/DFI booking forms, any testing/reports for contaminated waste and/or if DFI or their chosen subcontractor do not unload your asbestos or contaminated load for whatever reason on the date of disposal. Therefore, if any skip bin is detained or impounded by DFI or their chosen contractor, storage/hire charges of £15.00 per day per skip bin will be levied for any skip bin not unloaded on tip day. If any such skip is required to be returned to your site awaiting paperwork to be correctly completed and/or any waste to be correctly presented or retested then further movement charges will be applicable along with hire charges for the skip bin of £15.00 per day.

We ask that all customers ensure that all their asbestos or contaminated waste is booked/charged to their own account at DFI. If you do not have an account or are unable to open an account at DFI, then we can book/charge your waste to our account, but we will need to hold a bond payment from your company per skip bin/hook box of a minimum of £1,000.00 for licensed asbestos waste or £500.00 for non-licensed asbestos or contaminated waste (P.O.A. for hook boxes), before we are able to deliver any container to your site. A 10% administration fee will be added to all DFI asbestos waste advertised tariffs for the use of our account.

Wait & Load Charges

Wait & load charges for any skip bin or hook box will be charged at £15.00 per 15 minutes wait (minimum 15 mins charge).

Use of our accounts with other suppliers: If we use our account with our suppliers to purchase aggregates, dispose of waste and/or for any other item on your behalf you will be charged a 10% administration handling charge.

Administration charges: If in the event you require copies of past statements, invoices, advice tickets, consignments note tickets and/or other waste outlet tickets in our possession that are more than 3-months after invoice date; as such documentation will have already been archived we will need to charge an administration fee of £50.00 per invoice full copy.